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One of the major factors in publishing a new website is to optimize its content to obtain maximum search engine optimization. Drupal Hosting achieves this goal in many ways.
Its free software package allows an individual and/or a company to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. It is, by far, the most user-friendly hosting provider a new website owner can use without having to use HTML or other scripts. As we begin to explore hosting providers, it is fitting that we begin with SiteGround, a hosting service that incorporates Drupal to optimize your website in a powerful way.


HostMetro is a smaller, relatively new hosting company, but they offer a great package at a very reasonable price. They offer a range of unlimited features including hosting space, bandwidth, email addresses, MySQL databases, and more. Also included is cPanel control panel and Softaculous with access to over 2000 scripts, including an easy installation of Drupal. With 24/7 support and award winning customer service, HostMetro is a great choice for both beginners and experienced webmasters.


If you plan on publishing a brand new website, SiteGround is the optimal choice because it utilizes Drupal for installation and themes, provides extensive tutorials, has the best performance, great customer support, and provides unlimited web space, bandwidth, email accounts, blogs, and more. When you think about managing your own website, you want the very best tools available today. SiteGround meets every criterion you expect in a hosting provider.

Management Tools

SiteGround features such management tools as CPanel Control Panel, Fantastico Script Auto-Installer, File Manager, Password Protected Directories, Password Management, Edit Mime Types, Edit Apache Handlers, Cron Jobs, IP Banning/Filtering, Redirect URL, Service Side Includes, Hot Link Protection, and WWW and non-WWW access. It also provides e-mail management, more than 150 scripts, database management, FTP management, PHP and multimedia technology, servers and infrastructure, domains and sub-domains, and an e-commerce package.

Website Transfers

If you currently own a website and are disheartened by its performance, SiteGround offers you the opportunity to transfer all content on your existing site for free. You will also have access to 24/7 support during this switch-over and will also be given free months of hosting in the bargain.

Sign On with SiteGround

The key to any successful website starts with an original idea. From there, a theme is chosen and content is added. Gone are the days when you had to write your own script and spend endless hours managing your site only to leave the content wanting. With SiteGround and Drupal, you can focus on content more efficiently while, at the same time, manage the site with the knowledge that all that needs to be done IS being done using the management tools provided by SiteGround and Drupal. You will spend less time uploading content and more time refining the content to achieve the most SEO possible. SiteGround is a solid foundation upon which Drupal can help build you a superb website.


Our second hosting provider is well known throughout the world serving more than 200 countries. HostGator is a privately held company offering sharing, reseller, and dedicated web hosting. They offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a free SiteBuilder, control panel, 1-click script installation, over 4000 templates, 24/7 tech support, and AdWords credit for Google. If you have an existing host and want to switch to HostGator, they offer domain transfer, file transfer, database transfer, and script transfers all for free. The recipient of many awards, HostGator currently hosts over 2 million domains. Update: we have discovered some advanced IT Hosting Tricks tricks that guys at Hostgator perform with your web traffic. Check if you want to feed the Gator too!


Perhaps one of the least expensive hosting providers online, HostMonster is a smaller company yet packs a wallop when it comes to website management. When you sign up with HostMonster, you will receive unlimited hosting space, bandwidth, domains, pop/Imap email accounts along with Secure Shell access, SSL, FTP stats, CGI, Ruby, Perl, PHP and MYSQL, Front Page extensions, free site builder, a lifetime domain, and superb support services. You can transfer an existing domain for free; receive free site promotion, free 1-click installer for over 50 scripts, free site builder with templates, and more.


For Mac users, iWeb is the perfect venue to design a website using their user-friendly tools. Moreover, iWeb offers you the opportunity to customize the website and publish it to your mobile devices or any hosting service. Using their gallery of themes, you can use their iWeb tools to add photos, movies, widgets, and audio. In fact, if you have a Facebook account, each time you add a new feature to your site, Facebook is automatically notified. They offer online support, workshops, tutorials, and more.


Currently hosting over one million domains, BlueHost is a professional web hosting site that offers new clients unlimited hosting space, domains, and file transfers; 2500 POP/Imap email accounts, SSH, SSL, FTP, Stats; CGI, Ruby, Perl, PHP, and MySql; Front Page Extensions, free site builder, and 24/7 support. If you are new to website publishing, you will also receive a free domain name; a site promotion package; free eCommerce/Cart, free blog, forum, and board; and Yahoo and Google credits. In operation sine 1996, BlueHost provides affordable hosting solutions to individuals and businesses. If you have an existing hosting provider, you can easily switch over to BlueHost. The set up is free and the price is right!


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