Looking for the nice Drupal Theme for your Blog?

Blogging is a very individual way of communicating about yourself with the world. It involves setting up a web site, which you can do through something like Blogspot, and then telling the world what you want them to know. Because a blog is so individual, each person will seek a theme for their blog which describes them or their subject matter visually. You would want people to open up to your site and immediately have some idea about you or your topic. The beauty of this particular theme is the fact that it shows so well that this is one person and his or her viewpoint.

How to make money for poor Web Hosting or why Host Gator sucks

Hi, guys

I would like to beg your pardon from the beginning - this post is pretty long and may be even boring for you if hosting issues are not something you are interested in, so feel free to save your time and stop reading. If however you are looking for the reliable and honest web hosting, you may learn a thing or two from my bad experience with Host Gator.

The discovery

One funny day we've discovered very strange behavior on one of our sites. If one navigates to any page on the site with HTTP/1.0 protocol without Host header, then instead of the original content gets

Our Drupal 7 themes are universal

Many people these days are switching to Drupal 7 or at least considering to switch.
We are busy these days to fill the gap between increasing Drupal 7 themes demand and what's Drupal themes sites have to offer. We are releasing new Drupal 7 themes every day and yes, they are all free.

Drupal 7 free themes are in work

As you probably know on January 5, 2011 after three years of intense development Drupal contributors team has released it's latest product so far Drupal 7.

The new version brings number of great improvements to the Drupal community, such as

  • Improved user friendly installer
  • Shortcuts with most usable options always visible at the top of the administration screens
  • Better maintenance and upgrade systems
  • Flexibility in database type choice
  • Easy export from other CMSs

How to install a successful Drupal

Drupal is a great product in terms of its compatibility, because Drupal is the Content Management System, making it so simple to use. Therefore to install a new theme you must start first with downloading the Drupal software. Another thing to remember about compatibility is that each version of Drupal has a set of compatible themes and it is not possible to install a Drupal 6 theme for use on Drupal 5 for example.

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